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♪ If you start me up I’ll never stop ♪

Well, I went silent for about two months, but seeing as I had my first triathlon of the 2012 season on Sunday, I felt the urge to once again get back into the blog. (Sidenote – I have about 800 songs picked out for Tuesday Tunes. I just need to get around to writing the posts!) While this was my first time doing the New England Season Opener, it follows the same course as the Title 9, so I was pretty familiar with the setup and location.

I got to Hopkinton State Park relatively early on race day, mostly because I wanted to get a good parking spot. Since I had picked up my race packet the day before, I headed straight to body marking.  I was lucky enough to grab the end spot in transition, and even more lucky because my row was right next to Bike Out/Bike In which makes for less time running alongside your bike – total win for me! Read the rest of this entry »

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How does it all end??

Crossing the Line


I finish & feel amazing! I don’t trust my watch to have timed it accurately, but the main clock was right around 2 hours when I crossed. Since I was in the 5th wave, I knew that I had beat my goal of under two hours. My boyfriend (at the time, now fiance) took some great shots of me. I feel awesome & euphoric for the rest of the day, and I know that I’m totally hooked.

Official Finish Time: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 4 seconds

Rank Among Other “Newbies” (first year of competing): 88/241

Overall Rank: 274/525

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The dreaded run…

Joy of all joys, I made it through the first two part of the tri. Now just 5 kilometers stands between me & the finish line. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the the run course starts with the exact same hill as the bike course. Awesome…

Having the crowd along that first hill was indispensable in keeping me motivated. The cheering was nice, but mostly I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of these people by walking up the hill. So off I ran.

The run was definitely the hardest for me, as expected. “Make forward progress” was my mantra, and keeping up with the 13-year-old running near me was my motivation. The course was hillier than I had trained for, and included some off-road running which was a little unexpected. My bloody toe wasn’t an issue, but my wet socks were! They scrunched down in my shoes, exposing my heel directly to the shoe & causing chafing. That started around the 1-mile mark.

The people along the course (both running & cheering) really helped to keep me moving. When I finally saw that 3-mile marker, I just kicked it up and aimed for the finish line.

Final run split: 32 minutes, 49 seconds (hey, not to shabby for this girl!)

Rank of that time with entire field: 374

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Coming in to the second transition, I felt awesome – like I knew what I was doing & that I had a bit of a plan on getting through the transition. I also was terrified of doing the run…but knew it was the only thing keeping me from my goal of becoming a triathlete.

Racked my bike, tore the gloves off & switched shoes. I felt like I was flying through the transition. Part of me wanted to take a few seconds to catch my breath, but I had so much adrenaline that I just kept moving. I was up & on to my wobbly legs & out the gate…

T2 Official Time: 1 minute, 24 seconds

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