The Lazy Triathlete

Probably the world's laziest triathlete. Trying desperately to become more motivated.

Season’s End

Well…the good news is that the half-marathon training has been going a LOT better than the blogging. Some new running shoes & fancy running clothes have helped motivate me to keep up with the training. And having a treadmill for late-night & bad weather runs is a huge help too.

A quick look back on this past summer – there were lots of firsts! My first pool-swim triathlon. My first Olympic-distance tri. And my first triathlon as a member of a team – the Title 9.

Did I train enough? No. Am I working to correct that? Yes I am. I’ve been running 2-3 times a week, and doing some calisthenics on my off days. I’ve got 99 days until the Disney Half, and I’m going to make them count…and hopefully blog more too.

Ladies of Landry's

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