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I have half dozen unfinished posts waiting to get polished and published on this blog, but I didn’t want National Eating Disorders Awareness Week to pass without posting a few thoughts. [And then, of course, life gets in the way anyway & I end up publishing this post late.]

I guess I can start by telling a bit of my story. I spent the first half of high school as a bean pole. Despite my “chubby cheeks”, I had no curves whatsoever. I was a swimmer, and dabbled in other sports, but certainly not someone that would be considered a jock. I went to college, gained the Freshman 15 and did the typical go-to-the-gym-when-I-can routine. My summers were fairly active, as I worked as a camp counselor and lifeguard. I was aware of my body, but not ashamed of it.

2004 - I don't have many pictures because I was embarrassed

2004 – Not my biggest, but close

And then in 2004, I got fat. And for a long time, I didn’t even realize it. When I finally did, I took a reasonable approach to getting fit. I joined a gym and got a trainer that I saw two to three times a week. The weight came off fairly easily, as my body really wasn’t meant to be carrying that much. (It’s those last 10/15 pounds that are always so hard, isn’t it?) I was healthy. I was strong.

I moved to Boston. I got my first real job, and started spending 40+ a week sitting in front of a computer. The numbers on the scale started to creep up again. And so for the first time in my life, I tried a diet. Not watching what I ate, but a full on, calorie-counting, weighing food, lots of exercise diet. At first, that worked really well for me. I was losing weight. I was getting in a lot of activity. It was good. And then it wasn’t. My behavior with the counting of calories became obsessive. Calories in, calories out. Can I eat 7 almonds, or only 6? If I stay on this elliptical for 5 more minutes, then I can sprinkle some cheese on my salad tonight. Can I fit in a Bikram class before my meeting tomorrow morning?

Not my thinnest, but close

2007 – Not my thinnest, but close

I had a journal where I recorded food, exercise and my weight – morning and evening. Yes, I weighed myself twice a day. As an analytical thinker, I was addicted to collecting data points. I think that I was hoping if I collected enough data, a magical pattern would emerge & I would be able to solve my weight loss puzzle.

I wish that I could remember how I had my epiphany moment. It makes for a terrible story, but the truth is, I don’t remember how or when it happened. I just remember that I wasn’t happy anymore. I was avoiding social events because I didn’t want to be tempted by food or drinks. I was far too critical of myself, and lost sight of the fact that happiness was more than just has nothing to do with a number on the scale.

That’s certainly not to say that I’ve got this all figured out. I still struggle with it. I see skinny women & get jealous. I see strong, muscular women and get jealous. I delete photos that I feel like I look fat in. I still own a scale and weigh myself more frequently than I should. I care too much about when number pops up. I get frustrated that during my marathon training, where I am logging 25+ miles a week plus cross-training, I have actually gained weight.

But then I remember that this is my journey. I’m in competition with no one, not even myself. I try to focus on my health and my happiness. By doing that, as simple and cliche´ as it sounds, I believe I’m becoming the healthiest version of myself. And when even that fails me, I look to Lauren Fleshman for a reality check.

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I’m baaaaaack!!!

Well, dear readers, it was a busy end of summer and beginning to fall. Since LoziLu, I’ve had a half marathon, some great fun runs and a handful of virtual runs as well. I will definitely be writing some event reviews to catch up, but it will have to wait until next week, as I am heading down to Disney World tomorrow for the Wine & Dine Half! This is one race that I’ve been looking forward to for months, especially since I’m traveling down there with three of my favorite running friends.

The other huge news that I have is that I am running the 2014 Boston Marathon! And of course, I’m running with my favorite charity, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I will have lots of updates to share, and I am going to be focused on blogging this whole experience, even if only for my benefit.



As always, thank you for reading & I’ll see you on the roads!

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Word to your Mudder!

Last summer, Danbo ran the all-female LoziLu mud run on her own. When registration came around for this year’s race, she asked if I wanted to join her, and since there was a discounted rate, I thought”Why not?” And so early in the morning on July 27th, I picked her up, and we headed north to Haverhill.

I have to give kudos to the LoziLu team for all the signage from the highway to the event. While most of them only said “Event”, it still made it ridiculously easy to find the location. And once there, the parking was pretty easy and close. (I should note that we were running in the first heat of the day, so everything was fairly un-crowded when we passed through.) The registration and goodie lines were well organized. They chose to give away a bag instead of a t-shirt – much easier since there are no size logistics.

After picking up all our our stuff, we found a spot to get ready – sunscreen, adorning our race numbers and so on. Then we shoved all of our stuff in to Danbo’s bag & checked it. The energy when lining up for our wave was practically non-existent. I don’t know if that’s because of LoziLu, the crowd, or it just being so early in the morning, but it definitely did not get me pumped up to run. Typically at races, and especially mud runs, there is excitement and energy in the corral. We got none of that here, which makes it hard to get the adrenaline going.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to get off in the first heat of the day, and I started at the front, so there was no backup at any of the obstacles. While I’m certainly not the fittest girl in the world, none of them offered much of a challenge (the exception being the balance beam, because I’m just wobbly – but I stayed on!). Probably the toughest part of the course (and ‘tough’ being relative here) was the terrain. A bit of up and down on some hilly parts was the only time I was working hard on the course.

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Tuesday Tunes

This week I’m sharing some songs that may seem a bit low on the BPM scale, but are actually a lot of fun to run to, and usually speed up my pace. Post in the comments if you have any ‘unusual’ running songs.

Hall of Fame – The Script (85 BPM) – Great beat to run to, and lyrics to get you in the mood.

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